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About Us

Ashley loves trees and leaves, but dislikes the bugs that may live on them.

Josh is a homebody and loves cozy nights in with board games!

Ashley is most inspired when she is outdoors and adventuring!

Josh loves all things mathematical and learning how things work!

Ashley loves losing and finding herself in creating a photograph, painting, or poem!

Josh likes losing himself in a Big Blue UK game!

They both love mini golf and their crazy chocolate brown border collie, Harmony!


Ok, enough with the third person weirdness! We are saps and love witnessing and capturing the evidence of beautiful love in glances, smiles, hugs, & dances! Seriously, our cheeks will hurt from smiling so much right along with you!


Ok, now that we've got the cutesy stuff out of the way, you may have already guessed that we are a husband & wife team! We are very relaxed and fun, while still maintaining the professionalism you want in someone you are trusting with your once-in-a-lifetime memories! We are story tellers looking for the next story to tell, and we hope it is yours! :)


Cheers to new friendships, lovely weddings, & beautiful memories!

Ashley Knox