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Rockin' Receptions

Tips for making your reception photos beautiful!

Here are a few of our top tips to help make your reception photos great!

Lighting: Any extra lighting (i.e. dj lights, string lights, chandeliers) can really help us create some great 'party' photos! Uplighting can be beautiful, especially backlighting those first special dances, but spot lighting is my favorite to create these light-drag shots of your dance floor!


Dance! You'd be surprised at how many couples never make it to their dance floor again after their first dance. I know you want to chat up all your beloved guests, but allow yourselves to dance to a song or two before the night is over (or your photographers clock out).


Toasts: Don't eat during toasts and let yourself smile & laugh! We love photographing you and your guests' candid responses to those tear-jerking, hilarious toasts. It can be a bit difficult for us to do if mouths are chewing. This is great for parents and other family members to be mindful of too, because we've always got one eye on you too! ;)


Don't hesitate to ask us for any photos! When you're greeting all your guests, just let us know if you want us to take any spontaneous group photos. We love capturing all your guests together celebrating with you!